Twitter Updates for 2008-07-27
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  • Fixing to flash the AppleTV in my living room. Hoping to get it to load files off the network. 4TB Drobo obviously holds more than 40GB ATV. #
  • Boy that easy. Insert USB stick, run GUI app to image it, insert into ATV and reboot, process runs, reboot again and all done. ~5mins total. #
  • Anybody want to go to Yahoo!’s company picnic tomorrow? DM me or contact me via email/IM/SMS. Not sure how many I can get in, so FCFS. #
  • Started the process of ripping all my DVDs to my Drobo now that I can play them back easily via my AppleTV. So much better experience! #
  • Little discouraged that even at a rate of ripping 12 DVDs/day (3 Macs x 4 disc swaps/day) it will still take over 30 days to save them all #
  • Why is it always late at night when crap breaks? Debating on flipping to backup Internet connection (DSL down) or just going to bed #
  • DSL is still down. Just spent half hour on phone with the wordiest tech support ever. Always used a paragraph instead of 2 words #
  • Sometimes I wonder if technology makes me faster/happier or slower/crankier. Days like today I lean towards the later #
  • The variety of skill levels in drivers on the road never ceases to amaze me. Thankfully my defensive skills are very good. #
  • Getting a kick out of the fact everywhere Jerry goes he’s getting asked for photos, yet Filo can stand in line undisturbed mostly #
  • Public service annoucement: huge pile of scrap metal covering two lanes of southbound 85 near 280 exit. Be careful!! #
  • @bmf you should warn people before cracking jokes like that. Almost spewed soda all over my lap laughing so hard. #
  • Really freaking annoying when someone invited you over and you tell them a time, they say ok, you show up and they aren’t there. #
  • Even worse when you call both there numbers several times and no answer. I’m like WTF!? Why invite me over? #

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