Twitter Updates for 2008-07-26
Category: Twitter

  • Just bought all the Momokawa Pearl BevMo had. That stuff is so delicious and cheap! #
  • Here’s to hoping Frys sells the batteries I am looking for. #
  • Great ending to a decent week. Got haircut and now enjoying my favorite sake with some yummy takeout Chinese. #
  • Trying to decide which is worse, the fact I just watched 27 Dresses or the fact I really liked it and enjoy romantic comedies in general. #
  • Hmmm… Something just doesn’t quite match up here for me. Maybe my view of “Christian” singles is old fashioned. #
  • Debating if the risk the office A/C is turned down is worth the benefit of big screens and plenty of CPU power to burn for editing. Hmmm.. #
  • Thinking about going to Saint Petersburg over Labor Day and back to Abu Dhabi over Thanksgiving. Anyone else wanna go (or elsewhere maybe)? #

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