Twitter Updates for 2008-07-24
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  • I sure hope something is broke on twitter. My following count dropped by almost half and my followers count dropped by 2/3 from this morning #
  • Weird. I have @ejacqui in my timeline but not on my followers list anymore. Is there not anything you won’t fuck up Twitter? SERIOUSLY! #
  • @ryankuder yeah, saw that. still ridiculous the abuse we as users endure for no good reason. Twitter is shit and we all know it, but we stay #
  • Man, I really need to get out of gocart driving mode. I’m just begging for a cop to give me a reckless display of acceleration tckt #
  • At least I am not speeding anymore, just treating green lights as a green flag drop. #
  • iPhone apps crashing like mad this morning. Rebooting phone, fails to boot. After 4 forced reboots and over 30m the thing is finally useable #
  • @twenty3 I’ve been hearing that statement a lot lately about Maxtor drives. @thekarladam has had to return his several times. Seagate FTW! #
  • @bmf Based on the way they have been treating you lately from the sounds of your tweets, I would say show up in your underwear. #
  • I think my friend BK is going to think I am cheating at Scrabulous somehow. I’ve played two >6 letter words in a row (aka “bingo”). #
  • The 1st word I noticed easily (entrees) due to how the tiles appeared in the rack, the 2nd (grecized) was harder and I found via trial&error #
  • @seldo Did you take this photo? If so, I am so highly jealous! Never been up there when the sky was that clear. :( :( #
  • Wonder if the new WD 10k RPM Velociraptor 2.5″ SATA drive will fit in a laptop. 10k RPM + 16MB cache on a 300gb drive, gimme gimme gimme! #

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