Twitter Updates for 2008-07-23
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  • In what best can be described as a stampede of cars. Except going slow, but with the same disregard for everyone else’s safety. #
  • Just found a carwash place near my house which does good hand washes for $6.50. #
  • Got a humorous email from a recruitor today. Funny because it’s basically what I do now, cept we have the hw partners already #
  • Fresh bread is ready, salads are fixed and on ice, now I just need to bake the chicken cordon bleu once the oven is preheated. #
  • Photo of new Yahoo! branded bike gear line: In other news, just noticed went to 4 characters finally. :( #
  • @mdhughes that is funny! yeah, this was good because of the price, not because of the “service”. Can’t beat $6.50 for wash, dry, and windex. #
  • @wilshipley Im starting to warm up to it. I have minor issues, but overall its hands down the best twit client I have seen (released or not) #
  • Seems AT&T is having some kind of routing issues. Sporadically I am loosing connections to various places, but others stay up fine. :( :( #
  • One thing which annoys me most about Twinkle is if it’s trying to be like FriendFeed then why aren’t they caching Twitter on their servers? #
  • I find it annoying almost every client accepts Twitter’s broken ass crippled API feed with so few entries and thinks users find that useful. #
  • I officially don’t understand Wall Street (unless I’ve missed some news this morning). We “miss” our earnings and stock is up #
  • It’s days like today which remind me why Silicon Valley > Midwest. High seventies compared to around 100 all week. #
  • I’m at Le Mans Karting Fremont (45957 Hotchkiss St, Fremont, CA 94539, USA) – #

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