Twitter Updates for 2008-07-22
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  • Nice! I post a short funny video to Flickr and suddenly it rockets up to my 6th most popular item posted of all time. Doubtful it will last. #
  • My parents mentioned a possible car. 45+ mpg w/ no batteries. It’s half the HP (140) of my current car + 4 door, but still interesting. Hmm. #
  • Now if it wasn’t impossible to find one anywhere in the country. Apparently Volkswagen didn’t have much stock of them this year I guess. #
  • Think I might need to hit the dealerships this week and see who might be getting some 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI’s in soon. Very Tempting! #
  • Why do all credit cards, no matter who the bank is, come from a PO box in Omaha Nebraska. Seriously, every card I’ve gotten! #
  • Strike up another bank who has no clue for security. WaMu & AMEX both limit you to MAX 8 char passwords + no “special” chars. WTF!? FAIL! #
  • Can anyone tell me why a bank would be dumb enough to limit someone to 8 char passwords? Seriously, charge me a $1/month for the diskspace! #
  • @ChuckChuck You think Amex (being the first offender I’ve seen, but sadly not last) can’t afford the extra disk space for decent passwords? #
  • Updated all the places with my CC# to now use different ones. Man I had to go to a lot of sites! Now time for some Kindle love before bed. #
  • Laying in bed staring at the ceiling feeling disgusted at all the tweets from people at all my favorite places in Portland and I’m not t … #
  • Interesting how the difference between going to bed at 1:30 instead of 11:30 effects my morning energy even if I shift alarm clock later. #
  • Twitterverse: Q #1 – anybody know a good way to simulate a slow processor running Linux (using something like vmware) #
  • Twitteverse: Q #2 – any recommendations on Windows based photo slideshow+music creation apps that are easy 2 use #
  • I’ll reward good answers to both questions. Really good answers will lead to much better rewards. #
  • Been in a partner meeting with [redacted] all day. Earnings call soon. Exciting day. #
  • Apparently some are having a ton of laughs making fun of my dancing ability. Now one is offering to teach me in exchange for camera gear. #

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