Twitter Updates for 2008-07-21
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  • Decided to go with Github over Google code for hosting the repos for my Neko FastCGI implementation. #
  • @isaacschlueter Yep! You nailed it. Neko is the Language/VM which runs the server-side code generated from haXe. #
  • Here’s a short doc + example of how to use Neko FastCGI w/ Nginx Consider this very very alpha quality, but it should “run” #
  • OH: “*sigh* i’m a go put on rainboots.. i’m not sure why it seems appropriate… and kill some ants” #
  • Another night spent cooking. This time broiled Salmon kabobs on a bed of Jasmine rice. Oh so yummy. #
  • I like how this article makes it sound like Twinkle’s “fault” and not every Twitter client since its Twitter who uses S3 for imgs: #
  • Just finished warming up my brain for the day playing a quick round of Brain Challenge. Best game on iphone by far! #
  • @basictheory Yeah, I went with free for now. Once I get more interested in Git in general I might go paid. #
  • Really disappointed I will be missing OSCON this year. Will be the first time I don’t go since I joined Yahoo! in 2005. #
  • @tychay you buying one? I’m highly interested reading the review, but would rather try it before buying it. #
  • I always find it hilarious when people “Recall” an email. Even more funny when it’s on a moderated list and both emails are still approved. #
  • Retweetin @gruber “The next Y2K-type widespread bug is going to involve gas pump displays with [displays] that don’t go past $9.999/gallon.” #
  • Why is there not a single “decent” hybrid car between $25-40k? Prius’s are crap and the Honda hybrids are barely better than gas ones. #
  • @Arlo Technically, no, but the Tesla would be decent if they actually could make them. I’m just saying my price range when I say under $40k #
  • Where the hell is Matt? He’s at Yahoo! dancing with Connected Life of course! #

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