Twitter Updates for 2008-07-17
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  • Learned something new today. Want to make SimpleXML not try and load a referenced DTD? simplexml_load_string($data, null, LIBXML_NONET) :) #
  • Had a rather surprising discovery today after Yoga. I am actually starting to get well defined triceps. Simply amazing! Especially on a geek #
  • iPhone is still got 75% charge. Last 2 days was at 20% EOD but Connie didn’t play Super Monkey Ball 4 an hour either today. #
  • Thinking about taking my black iPhone back and getting a white one. Just so @Arlo can laugh at me and then I can break his black one. #
  • Deciding what to do about making a gallery of sorts of my good photos. Flickr is not a good representation of my best photos by any means. #
  • @andreiz receiving SMS on At&t comes out of your plan bucket like normal when Intl in most countries worldwide. #
  • Every Flickr app I’ve seen for iPhone so far? MEGA FAIL! Screw you and your insecure embedded web login page. #
  • Tested one app (airme) with a dummy throw away account and it wanted DELETE perms. Thx but no thx! I’ll pass ty very much! #
  • Why does interesting invites all pile up on the same day? Got like literally seven events I could go to tonight. #
  • Someone should register Its availabe and too funny to pass up. #
  • If it wasn’t a waste of $40, I would so buy and make it a CNAME entry for #
  • @androidbrain assume you are talking about AirMe? If so, then that’s not the issue. The Flickr auth method u use == no go for paranoid me. #
  • @androidbrain The fact u guys want “delete” permission on Flickr == HELL NO. 1 mistake on ur part and photos disappear mysteriously. No thx! #
  • I went light on the .me domains today. Picked up and (common mispelling) and via a horse trade. #
  • I pretty much have all the “cheap” (aka <$50/yr) TLDs locked down now for JeremyJohnstone.*. I think I have 14 of them, but might be … #
  • Not my first mass published photo ever (USA Today took that honor), but here is an awesome one in print: #
  • @androidbrain Thanks 4 taking the (negative) feedback in stride & looking into the issue. App seems nice, but those 2 are non-starters 4 me #
  • @rasmus You looking at using Sphinx in relation to “yvfd” stuff? Would be interested in hearing your opinion of it after you use it. #
  • @andreiz for someone who’s working so hard to get character encoding issues a thing of PHP’s past, you sure have a problem with URL encoding #
  • Retweeting something from @tychay. This is so awesome: Piggy bank, come hither! It’s time to break you. Don’t cry either. #

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