Twitter Updates for 2008-07-16
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  • @misskaren you should look into buying “yogitoes”. It’s a special yoga towel like thing that is totally worth the money. #
  • I had every intention of being home by 7:30pm tonight but sadly it didn’t end up that way. 15 hour days in the office FTW! #
  • I so hate you right now Facebook Touch app. Went out on a limb and typed a long email and was just as I was to send it crashed! #
  • Why is it the older something gets, the farther back in time they post it’s founding? Just saw a book quoting PHP back to 1990. #
  • @omnivector I am still waiting for BrainAge for my iPhone. It’s the only game I ever truely loved on the DS and almost forced me to buy one. #
  • YAHOOOO!!!! I got selected for the beta of [redacted] for my iPhone! Here’s to being able to do [redacted] and [redacted] from my phone now! #
  • I’m at Yahoo Incorporated (701 1st Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA) – #
  • Learned a lesson the hard way today. :( Make sure you calculate the DOF of a lens before you go shooting with a lens you don’t normally use. #
  • Apparently at the min focusing distance the DOF of a 400mm @ F/8 is only 2″. It’s range is from 1″-8″ across F/5.6-F/32. Can you say narrow? #
  • @andreiz we’ve been using it for internal sites for a very long time. Being open doesn’t mean immediately giving away everything. #
  • My sister hasn’t replied to an email I sent early this morning. Wonder if she is pissed I played an 86 point word against her on Scrabulous. #
  • @FieryRobot I had to sign a CDA to get in on it (wtf, isn’t it supposed to be an _N_ DA?) so clearly it’s [redacted] material. #
  • @basictheory @davglass Sucks you guys got denied. Not sure how they selected people, but you do know where the code is in SVN right? ;) #

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