Twitter Updates for 2008-07-15
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  • I’ve done almost 7 hours of intense Yoga in the past 2 weeks. Rather proud of myself and can already see a huge improment in my flexibility. #
  • That sounds like a lot (to me at least) until you figure that’s only 3x a week for roughly ~70 minutes each session. Still surprisingly hard #
  • I dunno if it’s the dealership or Honda directly, but I know for a fact I never agreed to have my information sold to 3rd parties. Ugh! #
  • Yeah! The Armenian NIC approved both my domain requests and they are now active. These domains are “hot”! #
  • @chockenberry, @omnivector, and all others with a twitter client (especially for iPhone) please ping me. Got a potential biz deal for you. #
  • Err… the (small) flood of SMS/DMs just proved I wasn’t clear enough… I meant all others who “wrote/develop” a twitter client. #
  • @alexdesignz yeah! impressed with how many responded. Sadly, none are the developers of said apps. #
  • @chockenberry u don’t follow me, so I can’t reply to your DM. Ping me on Y! or Gtalk. My YID is my first.lastname, Gtalk is same as Twitter #
  • Anybody know how to get Eclipse to syntax highlight Javascript which is in a CDATA region inside an XML doc? Seems one or other, not both. #
  • @soldierant u do realize it’s not a new term, but rather predates the iPhone by many years. Breaking out of a chroot Jail == “jailbreaking” #
  • “Goog already controls more than 70% of the search market, while Y! and MS control less than 10% each.” — MarketWatch is clueless on stats! #
  • /me is wondering what project @Arlo is working on while pretending 2 be sick. Better be a kickass iPhone UI design or something like that #
  • OH: “If the iPhone had a front facing camera would it be called a two-eyed Trouser Mac?” #
  • @mager OMFG! What is the world coming too? I swear the universe will now implode. #
  • @mthomas I got a “genius” to replace my iPhone that I bricked accidentally 11 days out of warranty (yes day before 3G) #
  • @mthomas try valleyfair, they seemed to be more friendly and helpful in my experience. #
  • Step #1 complete. Code runs and is decently optimized. On to step #2, make it pretty. #

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