Twitter Updates for 2008-07-14
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  • OH: “Just grabbed [censored].TV for the hell of it. Mostly because looking through domains for hours without buying is like drunk sex.” #
  • Bread is nearly done baking, salad is prepped, butterfly pork chops are in the skillet, other veggies are soon to go on stove. Yummy! #
  • My family’s recipes are well known among my close friends for their somewhat unique ingredients in things like pork chops and pancakes. #
  • Here ya go @thekarladam … Eat your heart out! Tonight’s dinner really lived up to it’s hype and was SO good. #
  • @@thekarladam no, I just suck at cooking for one person. Thus I have plenty of leftovers. :( #
  • Somehow I completely broke my code. I don’t mean just slightly broke, but bigtime broke. Broke to the point where _nothing_ works right. :( #
  • Grrr…. Why is it always the simplest of bugs which make you stumble the hardest? I was missing a freaking comma! Seriously! WTF!? :( #

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