Twitter Updates for 2008-07-13
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  • Facebook app might replace my phone book entries of people I rarely ever call. Just maybe. #
  • Waiting on @thekarladam’s slow ass so I can go get dinner. #
  • I’m at 725 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA – #
  • I’m at Assab (2845 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA) – #
  • Amazed at how many amazing looking women are here at Assab. I so need to eat here more often. #
  • Marveling at @thekarladam’s carrying a cloth and not touching his phone directly without it. #
  • Uhhh… @tychay just started on a Rails rant. I caused it too. Hehehe!! I’m so EVIL! :P #
  • @tychay I know @Mager took quite a few, as did several people he handed it too. #
  • Who wants the “distinct honor” (hehe) of being the 200th person I follow? @ me and prove you have a good history of being interesting :) #
  • @bonforte you couldn’t get a direct flight? WTF!? Besides, flying from SAN to SFO is cheaper than driving with gas prices as they are. #
  • 7/10 (including top four spots) of my most viewed photos on Flickr are of Taylor Swift. They also account for 12% of the overall views. Hmm. #
  • Does this lead any credence to the MS/Yahoo!/Google/361 patent conspiracy theory? #
  • @Ihnatko Agree on both counts. My only issue with the GPS is accuracy sometimes. 3G is flakey as hell, especially compared to my data card. #
  • The iPhone GPS showed me going N on the S bound 101 last night. Or maybe that’s why people were honking and saying I’m #1 w/ their finger. #
  • @vlb Thanks for the tip re: Apple power cords. Hadn’t thought of trying Weird Stuff, but might be a useful trip if not just to drop off crap #
  • @chockenberry you could easily get extremely accurate location notification in only 10 characters (17 if you needlessly include http://) #

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