Twitter Updates for 2008-07-12
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  • Anybody had an issue with restoring from a backup and having AppStore apps not run saying something about not authorized for this “computer” #
  • For all those bitten by the Apple+FAN issue just follow this advice (AT&T Business CS confirms this good): thx @thekarladam #
  • @thekarladam Mine is working now too. I have my old sim in my new phone and am enjoying it to its fullest (bugs, glitches, crashes, and all) #
  • Yipppeee Kai Yeah! I just signed onto the corp VPN via my phone over 3G network! :) Ok, so who is going to write an SSH client for AppStore? #
  • Hmm.. tempted to ask to move to Exchange.. ^H^H^H Scratch that. WTF was I thinking? Some please take a hammer to my head. U have permission! #
  • First person to write me an SSH client + an app which reads out the GPS info and gives me lat/lon/time/visible constellation gets paid, big! #
  • Oooh! Sexy! Hit maps while driving to get food and a blue dot is following my tragectory quite precisely. #
  • Have a craving for Ethopian or Indian. Ethiopian is out as everyone I know in the area already ate, so Indian it is. #
  • @thekarladan Know a good place still open at 11pm? I’ll drive up if so! #
  • American greed and excess at it’s best. Buying an iPhone for no other reason than to destroy it. & & #
  • Using Touch Remote to control iTunes which is sharing another iTunes library from other room and playin in a 3rd via AppleTV. Top Geek = Me! #
  • @rasmus wonder why Google is hating on SNV? Lucky Sunnyvale sure, but seems weird none the less. #
  • @wilshipley Check your “location” on Twitter’s website. It has your GPS coordinates. :) #
  • @brentsimmons you are now my hero and all it took was this blog post: … Man iPhone NNW is so fast now! Made a huge diff! #
  • @FunkeeMonk I wish Cocktails did. That would push it into the killer app category instead of the “meh I would use it occasionally” category. #
  • @Arlo @FieryRobot Seems the yellow screen issue is not uncommon w/ possible fix… #
  • Now that NNW isnt slow I think its time 2 goto bed and read RSS feeds, trouser mac style. Still waitin for a good Twitter app @omnivector ;) #
  • @mager yup! It used wifi. Pretty damn Kewl eh? #
  • I miss my old phone. The autocomplete/correct is very unhelpful when it’s in an untrained state. I see why newbs don’t like it. #
  • Was laying in bed flipping between blog reading in NNW on my Iphone and my Kindle when neighbor turned on music. #
  • Was annoyed, then remembered Remote and I left stereo on last night. Problem solved, good music and returned to reading. #
  • Trouser Mac Brothers — Building a family of iPhones: #
  • What do Twitter spammers get by following me? I don’t reciprocate, so what do they get out of the deal other than my spam? #
  • If anyone ever needs proof of a higher power in this world all they need to do is try the trail mix from the “Nut House” in Kansas. #
  • There is no way anything this devine tasting was created in Wichita KS. Interestingly the place is on St Francis street. #
  • Twitterverse: So do I head north 2 @andreiz excuse to drink (aka party) & @SaraBareilles concert, just concert or blow off both & stay south #
  • @janelicious I love the thing. It’s kewl how you can lock individual columns too when you are only slightly indecisive (like distance). #
  • @CalEvans Part of me feels almost like a @SaraBareilles stocker. Every time she has been in town since playing at Yahoo! HQ I’ve been there. #
  • @CalEvans Last concert @SaraBareilles’s manager recognized me as “the Y! photographer!” without me mentioning Y!. Guess that’s my shtik now #
  • Ok. Guess it sounds like I am for sure going to city tonight, but not sure what all I’m doing yet. Decide after I do an hour of yoga. #
  • Holy bajeezus! Just stepped on the scales and for the first time weighed under 200! Now at 198! Held at 200ish for 3 weeks. #
  • Not letting the fact two lame friends backed out from going to the city discourage me from finishing my yoga or going to the city. #
  • Dreaming of the day poses like standing splits with a twist or half moon or forearm hand stands don’t utterly kick my ass. #

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