Twitter Updates for 2008-07-11
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  • I got a brand new cell phone today. That wasn’t supposed to happen till tomorrow. Hmmm. #
  • Annoying when Twitter pagination is down and two people consume over 60% of your viewable timeline. Eh hmm @chockenberry and @daveevans ;) ;) #
  • I know I live in a glass house beside a golf course in a giant hail storm, but would be awesome if Twitter had a temporary squelch feature. #
  • Had bad experiences with shrimp in the past so not going to risk my scrumptious bacon on possibly unfit shrimp. #
  • Twitterific on the iPhone is somewhat decent. So completely unlike the desktop version. Could be a lot better, but surprisingly “not bad”. #
  • I have to say hands down my favorite app right now is Remote. It’s something I think I will end up using a lot, others are novelties so far. #
  • Wondering if it’s possible to get iTunes to use all outputs at once. Three macs+AirportExpress/Stereo+AppleTV+touch screen remote = party! #
  • LAME! I can output to multiple sources, but that doesn’t include other Macs running iTunes it seems. How can I do a whole house sound system #
  • Guess I will need to scatter AEs around the place then someday. At $91 a pop guess it’s not horrible, but still seems like excess geekiness. #
  • Laying in bed totally geeking out controlling four different audio sources via my iPhone. Wanna add a fifth but would have to get up. #
  • Must go to sleep! iphone 3G launch requires an early rise from bed. Remote is just so kewl though. #
  • NNW is sadly not ready for primetime yet. No visual indication of PW failure, very very slow, and crashed 4 times already. #
  • @thekarladam I thought the hints were kewl the 1st time I saw it, but they came up over and over and thus do suck. #
  • Was going to cook bacon wrapped teriyaki shrimp tonight but didn’t like the smell so now it’s wrapped chicken breast #
  • @thekarladam guess you didn’t read the reviews on the BoA app. You should! ;) #
  • I dunno why, but I so badly want to see if lives up to the hype. If it does it would so fit my needs. #
  • @omnivector how long is the line there? #
  • MobileMe is abysmally slow. It makes Yahoo! Mail (formerly known as Beta) of 2 years ago look fast. Every1 remembers how slow it used to be? #
  • Never stood in a long line to buy something before. Not sure why I decided to start today. #
  • Wish I had known Apple was giving away free smartwater. I wouldn’t have brought my own liter of it from home. #
  • Got decent coffee now and in A/C. Moving on up! #
  • Someone just had a bad seizure in line. #
  • Utterly amazed the security staff is so bad here. Thankfully for the poor guy there are people here who know what to do. #
  • Girl in line with two dogs in a baby like carriage. What is the world coming too? #
  • starting to question my sanity. Been four hours in line now almost. So close to the end, but yet so far. :( #
  • Almost on the final stretch. Within 15ft of the front of the line. #
  • Thought I was closer than I was. Still probably 20ft back even after moving 10ft. #
  • Activation process == EPIC FAIL!! This is far worse than even dealing with old school activation in AT&T store. #
  • I am so pissed steam is coming from my ears. #
  • If you have or have ever had a FAN discount code on your account don’t waste your time at the apple store. #
  • @arlo called. Was removed. Store rep even talked to them. No dice. AT&T rep in store was a blubbering idiot. #
  • Freaking starving like you wouldn’t believe. Grabbing food on way to office. #
  • @thekarladam YUP! I ended up having to activate a new line to get mine and then choose from the nasty three options to fix it next week. #
  • YEAH! My SIM card from my old iPhone works fine in the new one with 3G and all. At least one thing works as it was supposed to! #
  • OOOHHH! Just got accepted into the developer program. With my mood and how I feel about Apple right now, not sure I want to give them $100. #

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