Twitter Updates for 2008-07-10
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  • Sweltering in the heat. I am so gonna start working from home in the afternoon if this is going to become the norm temperature in the office #
  • Just got done playing Tennis for over an hour. That was following dinner after an hour of yoga. I’m gonna hurt tomorrow! #
  • Just realized one draw back to daytime running lights on a car, it appears to be very hard to have the car running and the lights off. #
  • Apple Software Update warned me about not being connected to power during just an iMovie/iDVD update? Hmmm? Commo say what? Why? #
  • I’ve hit from 9 machines on 4 continents and still always get redirected. Either someone has some magic sauce or I am calling B/S #
  • Make that now from California (x3), Illinois, Texas (x3), Virginia, UK, Germany, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia all are still redirecting #
  • Anybody know if there is a way to get a replacement $100 refund certificate on the iPhone v1? I seem to have lost mine and want to use on 3G #
  • @natekoechley where? the only link I can find to the old page is a 404 (off Steve’s open letter page). Any tips/ideas? #
  • Just jolted awake with my face bearing a keyboard imprint (seriously). This widget coding can continue later in the morning as I am beat. #
  • Noticed something funny thing on my way to bed. Fayetteville/Rogers/Benton Arkansas has 3G! WTF! Gotta be Wal-Mart making that happen. #

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