Twitter Updates for 2008-07-09
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  • I miss my Bose QC2s that US Airways swallowed on my trip to SXSW. Trying to overcome my desire to buy replacements. Must have willpower!!! #
  • @meekthegeek Check out the senotes (caves). Best diving you will do from mainland CancĂșn, IMHO. You could also take the ferry to Cozumel 2. #
  • I don’t think I can claim to be screen poor anymore. Got a Samsung 40″ LCD, Sharp 32″ LCD, Dell 24″, HP 24″ and a HP 20″ monitor on my desk. #
  • Photo of my desk @ Yahoo!: (yeah, I cleaned only a tiny bit before snapping the shot). #
  • Was all excited hearing about an underwater housing for the Flip video and then come to find out its only rated to 30ft. Lameness I say!! #
  • Not exactly a failure, but definitely not my best fireworks photos either. Here’s a couple (with very minimal retouching) #
  • OMFG. I am totally and completely dumbfounded. I must be dreaming, someone slap me. Either that or the Matrix just had a major “glitch”. #
  • If the Matrix and/or dreaming theory aren’t right, then it must be a Fight Club scenario and someone blew up all the credit bureaus. #
  • A PHP with traits, closures/lambdas, return&primitive type hinting, namespaces, and Unicode all in Git repos? I’ll believe it when I see it! #
  • I looked myself in the mirror this morning and said “who the f are u and what did u do with me”. This was after I ironed a t-shirt. No joke! #
  • I am such an impulsive twitterer lately. Anytime I have a thought which fits in 140 chars and would be funny/useful/etc for someone I share. #
  • OH: “It’s probably some kind of sign when your internal dialogue is like dead silent.” – @jstanden. Would be equally weird for @tychay I bet #
  • OH: “Whatever voice is in there [my head] went to sleep before me and hes the one who talks to people on twitter” — @jstanden #
  • I stillz haz followerz? They must not have me on SMS. Must back away from twitter for the night before things start getting hurled at me. #
  • To those who wonder, last night’s twitter binge wasn’t “drunken twittering”. Sadly, all I can claim is sleep dep + late night working. #
  • Why does such a sound argument have to start off with such an ad hominem attack? “army of sub-par and unmotivated employees” ? F you jerk! #
  • @CalEvans sadly, I don’t think many if any of the commenters read the actual story which was linked on SlashDot based on the responses. #
  • Despite being troll bait in several places throughout the story, the conspiracy theory might have enough legs to stand on: #
  • Found something annoying about Perforce. Apparently doing both: //a/b/c/… //my/q/… AND //a/b/… //my/b/… in a clientspec doesn’t work #
  • X11 on OSX is now my bitch. Finally got it to a useable state: xterm -rv -sb -si -sl 5000 -rightbar -geometry 250×60 -e ~/bin/ #

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