Twitter Updates for 2008-07-08
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  • @rckenned I’ve used them in the past. Very flimsy, easy to accidentally disconnect, and generally lives up to the “u get what u pay for”. #
  • @rckenned @seancoats Thanks for the suggestion. Without the “locking pin” it doesn’t have a ground connection. I prefer proper grounding. #
  • My work phone has been down all afternoon. Part of me is very happy as the annoying red light was blinking and almost forced me to check VM. #
  • @omnivector is it twinkle’s fault then why your messages are all jacked up? Let’s hope not! #
  • Being a straight single male, not sure I like the idea of this search query having my Flickr stream as the top SERP entry #
  • Anybody in the market for an almost new Drobo? I want one with Firewire (just came out) so would be interested in making a quick sale. DM me #
  • @ejacqui part of why I love my landlord. We both use Bank of America so I just drag n drop the money online. Couldn’t be easier to pay rent. #
  • @bbum GigE > USB2. For that matter, 802.11n isn’t that much slower than the throughput one typically gets over USB (due to CPU overhead) #
  • Just bought a ticket to see Sara Bareilles at the Fillmore on Saturday night. There are a few more available (from a friend) so let me know! #
  • Anyone camping out for the iPhone 3G launch? I withheld last time and still got mine opening day, not sure I want to risk it this time. #
  • @omnivector Silly wabbit, FW800 is backwards compatible with FW400. You just need a FW800->FW400 cable (which I think even comes with it) #
  • Biggest annoyance with When I say quit I mean it. Not later, not when you feel like it, but now! <30 secs is ok, but not 5min #

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