Twitter Updates for 2008-07-07
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  • @mager seems to work fine for me. #
  • @meekthegeek Depends on your definition of fun. If I get my “new” camera fixed I would enjoy Monterey a lot I think as I saw kewl stuff #
  • Up early (well relatively speaking) today. Got a good jump on the morning already, let’s hope the rest of the day pans out well too! #
  • Man it would be so freaking easy to make a huge pile of money day trading YHOO lately. Everytime it dips it shoots right back up on B/S crap #
  • Not saying today’s news is invalid, just saying its more of the same bullshit crap we have been hearing for months. Really getting super old #
  • Henry Blodget has something intelligent to say about YHOO today. Who would have thunk a “reporter” would do such a thing. #
  • Setting a new personal record for the longest blog post ever in continual writing/editing/investigating mode. Been working on it for &gt … #
  • 1 of the sound bites “Listening to Icahn about what to do with YHOO is like asking a burglar ready to rob your house which security to get” #
  • @tychay another good tip: “your app will fail miserably under load, time to rethink that architecture/platform decision you made.” #
  • Anybody know if Apple sells the long cord which plugs into the laptop power adapters separately? I want to pick up a couple but don’t see it #
  • “Upgrading your Mail database… This make take a few minutes.” … Apparently Apple’s definition of “few minutes” and mine differ. :( #

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