Twitter Updates for 2008-07-06
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  • Select favorites from Bonaire (above water) taken with my 5D: Very happy how they turned out! Looking forward to feedback. #
  • Finished two work photo jobs plus one personal one. Got two non-work portrait sets to go. Must finish tomorrow after diving. #
  • I am going to have so much neoprene on tomorrow in my dive that if I had to drop my weights in an emergency I would rocket into outer space. #
  • I think if I’m going to make a habit of California (especially Monterey) diving I need to invest in a dry suit. ~54 degree water temp sucks! #
  • Just left Monterey Bay by sea. Colder than a well diggers ass in the klondikes. Will be in Carmel in about 45 minutes. #
  • Heading back to Monterey Bay now. Got in two good dives considering how freaking cold it was. #
  • Water temp was 44 degrees at 105ft. Wish I could have went deeper but was diving 36% EANx and was pushing 1.6 ATA. #
  • Massive traffic jam on Northbound 101 from highway 153. If heading north from LA I’d avoid 101 if possible. #
  • I’m at Gilroy, CA, USA – #
  • Completely exhausted. Think it was mainly the 4 hrs sleep, but possibly also the frigid cold dives. Debating on a nap despite how late it is #

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