Twitter Updates for 2008-07-04
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  • Trying to decide if I want to go to SF or SJ tomorrow for the fireworks. Will be the first time in over five years I am not in the midwest. #
  • If only they had a developer API, I would be so all over buying a SPOT Messenger. To bad, their loss (and thus mine too). #
  • Man this makes me so insanely jealous. I would kill to be able to go to all the places like this guy did over the past year #
  • I now remember why I always work late. Traffic. Can’t understand how so many bad drivers get/keep a DL. #
  • Stopping at the store to buy Airborne, zyrtec, and advil. See a pattern there? Yeah, it sucks! Holiday weekend and all. #
  • Just had a very long (hour+) conversation with my best friend. Havent done that in like a month. #
  • Long overdue. He’s good at helping me focus on whats important in life and get past the bullshit bothering me. #
  • @mager grappa eh? Never did like the taste of that stuff. Something about it is just bleh to me. #
  • @ElizabethN me me me! #
  • Twitter is totally jacked. The only things showing up on page 3-??? of my recents are the couple people I just added to my friends list. #
  • Developer who wrote’s code + server admin who deployed code live (probably same person): FAIL! #
  • @omnivector or just someone who is final prepping for the AppStore launch next Friday. #
  • Looks like I am all confirmed for my dive trip on Sunday. Doing a 2 tank boat dive off Monterey. Man it’s going to be fridged freaking cold! #
  • I am really getting annoyed by having to say people FAIL, but Adobe, you FAILED! Forcing me to close Safari for an Illustrator update? WTF!? #
  • Another rant: @thekarladam can claim what he wants, but inquisitor is virtually NEVER correct with it’s stupid auto-complete. BLEH! #
  • I’ve given Inquisitor an honest eval() over the past month and find it’s auto-complete beyond annoying, let alone even being remotely useful #
  • @thekarladam Tell me how this is even remotely useful (be sure and read the full rant comment I posted, not that long) #
  • @thekarladam No, I am saying autofilling in crap which is of questionable correctness is definitely the UI’s fault. #
  • @thekarladam And tell me again how my search term of “deprec” isn’t a good search query? ALL major search engines handle it right directly. #
  • @thekarladam Check out these searches for “deprec”, GOOG: YHOO: MSFT: 1st entry in all 3! #
  • Feeling like I am having an IM conversation over Twitter. It’s annoying when people do that so being cognizant of my actions and stopping. #

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