Twitter Updates for 2008-07-02
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  • 1 question none of the reporters can seem to ask about iPhone 2.0. Will it be unlockable like a normal cell phone via AT&T? Lame reporting! #
  • Never a good idea for me to go to the grocery store when I am in the mood to cook. This trip was especially bad. :( #
  • Free range chicken, grass fed beef, applewood smoked bacon, jumbo prawns, organic veggies galore. Yeah, its bad. #
  • Anyone up for dinner and wine this week? Might have to have a dinner party. #
  • Amazed by the shear stupidity of many of the commenters on this thread: WHT isn’t known for “smart” people but damn. #
  • @shiflett they simply don’t exist in mass quantities. Diamonds are probably less rare than competent web devs. #
  • My theory on web devs: The competent ones typically move to other things in disgust. The rest left are an ultra rare breed of geek (1/3.33M) #
  • @flawedartist @andreiz is right. You can twitter anything. I’ve even seen @evilcindy twitter (accidentally) about taking a poo. #
  • @schill thank god my imagination is under performing today. I would hate to have that mental image stuck in my head. #
  • OH: “its my slide in my presentation. I’ll show it my way” … The context of this had everyone in the room laughing hard. #

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