Twitter Updates for 2008-06-27
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  • I just got rickrolled by a Yahoo! Yodel button. :( :( where is the nearest ledge to jump off? #
  • I think every online forum I’ve ever signed up for has emailed me happy birthday. :( So much “spam” in my inbox now it’s ridiculous. :( #
  • Thanks to emails/IMs/Summize (Twitter is still teh broken) found out many agree about cURLs lack of OO. Time for me to “fix” the ext I guess #
  • Stepped on the scales for the “final weigh-in” earlier. I’m dead on
    200lbs (same as last Friday). Officially makes ~50lbs lost in 11
    months! #
  • looked in the mirror earlier. I look and feel exactly one day
    older than yesterday. No more, no less. What’s this crap about a year older? #
  • Some very nice person left me a gift on my desk. Not sure who did as the card was blank, but thanks!! #
  • Just saw the funniest card swipe ever. @arlo just did some crazy jumping dance move that was hilarious. #

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