Twitter Updates for 2008-06-26
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  • My chair at my desk has gone past the “safe to sit in” stage. I’m afraid if I don’t replace it soon it will fall apart. :( #
  • My legs are so sore today from yoga. Interestingly, my legs dont hurt as much walking, so thinking about calling it a day and going shopping #
  • Whiners in the city last week be damned, its cold as shit now. Please bring back some heat, that’s what AC is for. KTHXBAI! #
  • My iPhone just went bonkers. Someone called and then it started looping a half second of the ring tone over and over even tho caller hungup #
  • Wondering which is worse. A twitter which is always down, or a twitter which is up with virtually every useful feature disabled. This sucks! #
  • First a dress in a blue button down shirt and khakis, then I go and get beard papas and tea on the way to work. This day is odd. #
  • Last time I tweeted about beard papas I had people waiting at my desk for one. Wonder if it will happen again. #
  • Sitting at Mission Control waiting on them to extract a red prius (yes, same one as before) from MY parking spot. #
  • Thinking about taking back my electric kettle I bought last night. Should have known something costing $15 would be so noisy boiling water. #
  • Hey @bonforte, TechCrunch is right. Where is the version of Xobni? I’ll consider being an advocate once that exists and is stable #
  • Anybody else wish PHP had an OO Curl API? For some reason, the functional API has always annoyed me greatly. I’m sure I can’t be all alone. #

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