Twitter Updates for 2008-06-24
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  • @andreiz you deciding to come back to Yahoo! tomorrow? #
  • Feeling much better today. Busy day ahead, so glad my stomach isn’t revolting against me again. I miss the days when very spicy food was ok. #
  • You know times are sad when a niche news site like @techcrunch can cause major stock changes with flimsy “thin” reporting #
  • Yahoo! Stock is now up 10% (aka $2) from an hour ago. Speculators rampant again I see. Wish we had “investors” #
  • I have to admit, this sounds like many managers I know, both inside Y! and outside Yahoo! (as many outside as inside) #
  • Maybe NETguard isn’t dead again after all. Just got an email from DHS/FEMA sent to all the working group members about this #

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