Twitter Updates for 2008-06-22
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  • I’m at San Francisco, CA, US (San Francisco, CA, USA) – #
  • I’m at Citizen Cake (399 Grove St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA) – #
  • I’m at San Francisco Symphony (201 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA) – #
  • Laughing at this phrase: “taking measures to cure himself of chronic bachelorhood” used in describing Beethoven. #
  • Got to twin peaks just the second the fog started rolling in. Quite amazing site, but damn its freaking cold! #
  • I’m at Twin Peaks (100 Christmas Tree Point Rd, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA) – #
  • @bonforte The best way I have found to hold the Kindle is with your left hand just above the keyboard. Most right hand approaches are clumsy #
  • @lhl I’ve found my reading topics have drastically shifted away from tech books since buying the Kindle. Non-tech has such huge discounts. #
  • Its interesting that 11 of my top 20 most viewed images are of Taylor Swift and combined they account for over 52,000 views. One is over 10k #
  • Of all my photos I have posted baffled this one fairly consistently stays in Flickr Explore: as seen here: #
  • Played with Facebook for a bit to see if there was anything new worthwhile. Now sufficiently satisfied there is not, back to cleaning apt. #
  • Wondering if my back is up to the challenge of picking up a 32″ CRT TV by myself today. Guess we will soon see. Wish me luck! #
  • YAHOO!! The TV is now where I wanted it and I didn’t die! WOOT! Bet the neighbors were startled, though, I was a bit loud in the process. #
  • Ive picked the TV (weighs about ~140ish) up to knee high before, but never went to waist level. Quite an adventure, might even be repeatable #
  • I never thought I would say a phrase like this, but “I really need a shoe organizer”. Apparently I own lots of shoes, who would’ve guessed. #
  • If you were a set of keys, where would you hide? Mind you, these are no normal keys. They’ve stayed hidden for over a year now. Pesky I say! #
  • Man I hate trying to spell my street name (Magdalena) to someone over the phone. Usually always gets both parties (me/then) confused. #
  • Was going to go to the store and buy steaks/veggies and invite over friends, but decided on yummy Chinese delivery + photo editing instead. #
  • Trying to find change for a tip for the delivery driver and all I am finding is Pounds, Euros, Gilders, Durhams, Crowns, and Bhats.. Hmmm… #
  • I wonder if my psychological aversion to ever having much US paper/coin currency on hand has anything to do with it’s value or lack there of #

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