Twitter Updates for 2008-06-21
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  • Just picked up a Yahoo! Mobile branded motor bike! Woot! #
  • Bad news: Batteries on the bike are bad (no surprise). Good news: They are 12v 10Ah (aka very common) and only cost ~$25/each (needs two). #
  • Doing a deep clean of my apartment. Wonder if Weird Stuff would bring a semi if I called. Could load gadgets by the pallet. #
  • I can haz “new” clothes! Yippee! Just found a bunch of clothes that fit now that I haven’t worn in forever. #
  • Snickering at all the people in SF without A/C and even those who do since they are likely on PG&E. I love Silicon Valley Power’s pricing. #
  • I wouldnt believe it if I didnt see it with my own eyes, but the spare bedroom closet is empty! And its not all on the floor still either! #
  • @ejacqui you too? must be cleaning day for everyone. I know at least five people doing the same. #
  • As best I can remember, I haven’t been golfing since Spring 2003. I wonder if that’s a good indication I should sell my golf clubs/bag/cart. #
  • Ive been trying really hard to find some photos which showed how fat I used to be and not had much luck until I found some taken by @andreiz #
  • If anyone else has any full height photos of me from 2006-2007, please send me links. Especially if they have un-complex backgrounds. #
  • @mtabini Really? That’s the one question you feel isn’t being answered? Are you really questioning what Y! “does”? #

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