Twitter Updates for 2008-06-20
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  • Was satisfied (not elated though) when SuperDuper was going at 24MB/s, but now that its slowed to 10MB/s I am depressed. Late night I guess. #
  • I wish I trusted upgrading from Tiger to Leopard enough to just do it without a full SuperDuper backup. Oh well, guess it could be worse. #
  • I can remember gas prices being $0.67/gallon in ‘98 (for a couple days only). Was ~$1.10 when I first visited CA a yr later. Now its &gt … #
  • @arlo you have a big screen Samsung TV on your desk. How can you be bummed no matter what channels are on the tube? :P #
  • @iTod Probably why it’s so big: “Written primarily in Java, it uses Gecko as its web runtime, and has a back-end driven by MySQL and Lucene” #
  • Egads and little chickens. I definitely didn’t mean to stay this late. Just realized it was after midnight when the cleaning crew showed up #
  • I think I need to find a new route home. W/ 23 stop lights + a stop sign, you’re pretty much assured to stop a half dozen times, even at 1am #
  • Within kissing distance of accomplishing my personal self-improvement goal. Check this out: #
  • Seen this? Good read… #
  • JCD: “How sick and greedy are you? … U, and the blood thirsty media and analysts taking your side … should all be ashamed of urselves.” #
  • Read the full John C. Dvorak story here: … Quite entertaining and very true, IMHO. #
  • Boy Apple. Nothing like a firmware update BONG to wake the dead. Yeesh! I bet the people on the 4th floor heard that. #

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