Twitter Updates for 2008-06-18
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  • LazyWeb: What’s the fastest Linux IMAP server out there. I need something which can handle folders with 250k messages without a problem. #
  • OH “for now I am reading mail using rsync. [Its] on the less user-friendly end of the MUA scale” (talking about email servers with a friend) #
  • @thekarladam it’s not your fault, it’s the kernel’s fault. It stole the keys from you those times and hid them back inside your apartment. #
  • Enjoying a sip of a “Junmai Ginjo Nigori Genshu” sake after doing 100s of crunches. Its sweet fruity taste adding back the calories I burned #
  • Slow start on the day but almost ready to head into work. Hoping to make good progress on my first TV widget today. #
  • Nearly just got a new car thanks to a Nissan Frontier pickup driver. Guess drinking coffee was more important to him. #
  • I personally feel everyone should be thankful for something everyday. Today my things to be thankful for are hand e-brakes + fast reflexes. #
  • @Andy_K I’ve got a 2×2.66ghz Dual-Core w/ 6gb of DDR2. I’ve gotta agree with @thekarladam, thanks for making my Mac feel inadequate. #
  • It might not have been a good idea gulping an Asian Ice down as my first coffee since returning from vacation. Talk about being hyper, yeesh #
  • Thinkin about skippin @jzawodn and @jrconlin going away “party”. Great guys but tired of wishing people “good luck” and watching them leave. #

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