Twitter Updates for 2008-06-17
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  • Installed Office 2008 today on my Mac. Lovely installer decided to litter my dock with a bunch of useless dang icons. Microsoft = EPIC FAIL! #
  • Excited about MacGDBp. Curious to see how polished the UI looks. Could be a very useful tool if it’s done right. We’ll see tomorrow. #
  • I just tried to check my mail. Even with a crowbar, chisel, and 5lb sledge hammer I wasn’t successful in getting it out of the box. Hmmm.. #
  • My postal carrier defies the laws of physics in smashing the most junk mail per cubic inch. Wonder if the FD will loan me a jaws of life. #
  • Fortune cookie: “You will soon be crossing great waters on a fun vacation.” … Either it’s a bit late or is a vacation I didn’t know about. #
  • I completely agree with this post, but also know he’s treading on very thin ice. Eeek! Not a good thing to do in 1st month. #

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