Twitter Updates for 2008-06-16
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  • Home sweet home in California at last. 14 hour journey including layovers to get here. #
  • Not sure if this is good news or bad news. Spent 40 hours swimming underwater in 2 weeks and didn’t lose a pound, but did lose waist size. #
  • After spending 2 wks in the tropics, grabbed shorts this morning as usual. Then I checked the weather. Put back shorts and grabbed a sweater #
  • @awormus more like calves/arms from what I see, but yeah, same end result. More muscle = no weight loss. #
  • @isaacschlueter Agreed its better long-term. I just want to hit my goal of being well under 200lbs (at 204 now) by my birthday (9 days) tho. #
  • Laptop, check. Badge, check. Bag of gifts, check. I think Im ready to head to work. Yippee! (I think). Starting new job today, wish me luck. #
  • Apparently many didn’t know I am moving over to Yahoo! Digital Home based on all the DMs I got this morning after my earlier tweet. #
  • Just got all my stuff situated in Building D. Ran up the stairs once already today and despite being five floors wasn’t as bad as I thought. #

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