Twitter Updates for 2008-06-15
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  • Just had dinner with the folks. They are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. Now doing some photo edits before bed. 7am flight tmrw. #
  • Another photo of me in Bonaire, topside this time (but in scuba gear still). #
  • Back in the USA doing endless low altitude circles around Houston. #
  • I’m at Houston, TX, US (Houston, TX, USA) – #
  • Had lunch with my folks in Terminal B, now waiting at my gate for my flight. Very long (seemingly) 2.5 hour wait for my flight home to SFO. #
  • @crazybob Nice effect using the PW on the beach. Do you own a Canon ST-E2? I’ve found it works better for that purpose, but I own PWs too. #
  • @janeylicious I’ve had good luck with TSA so far this trip (knock on wood since I am not home yet). Very surprising given my track record. #
  • @janeylicious Ive had bad luck with idiots not checking luggage tags tho. My dive gear was taken off the carousel @ customs by someone else. #
  • @janeylicious same here. Ill have to take a photo of my carry-ons when I get home. Im either a terrorist, mad scientist, or Mac/photo geek. #
  • @crazybob It’s great because for the price of a single PW, you get ability to control 2 flash “groups”. It’s also nice for AF in low light. #
  • Deciding if I want to treat myself to VIP tickets to EDC. Its on my birthday weekend again (went three years ago just before joining Y!). #
  • Yippeee! Got confirmation from my ride from SFO that I will get picked up and my plane just arrived. Let’s hope my departure goes smoothly! #
  • Very very Texan sounding guy on the PA at the gate. Kept help but laugh a little. #
  • Well I know one of my bags made it on the plane. To bad it hit the Tarmac before being loaded. Violently. :( #

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