Twitter Updates for 2008-06-14
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  • Grand totals are now in. 51 dives totaling 2,452 minutes of bottom time. Deepest dive was 93 ft (38min), longest dive was 63 minutes (65ft). #
  • @osunick Ahh man! You too!? Well, delicious/Yahoo! won’t be the same without you. Good luck dude. /me is starting to feel all alone. #
  • Catching up on some RSS feeds and then heading to bed. My body is about to go into geekiness withdrawals. Twitter alone isn’t enough I guess #
  • Just went overboard queueing up a ton of free samples of books for my Kindle when I get back to the US. Wonder how many I will end up buying #
  • Closing the blinds in a feeble attempt to sleep past sunrise. Something tells me after two weeks of being up early it won’t be that easy. :( #
  • @laughingsquid maybe it’s been there before and I just didn’t notice, but when did you start running Y! careers (exclusively?) on the right? #
  • I think I am actually to the “sunburn” stage on my arm. Rode around in the truck all day without dives in between, should have known better. #

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