Twitter Updates for 2008-06-13
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  • Ahhh FSCK! Just read the news about @jzawodn. :( WTF! You of all people. :( #
  • @rckenned I may have been a strong naysayer at first (my points are still valid tho), but the Kindle really kicks ass IMHO. You’ll love it. #
  • Looking forward to picking up my Yahoo! bike when I get home. Very very vintage bike. Might ride it to work on Monday, not sure yet though. #
  • Was doing so good at avoiding doing work while here in Bonaire, but finally got sucked in by Yahoo! PR. Just finished, though, so off to bed #
  • Man I hate editing photos on a laptop screen (especially my MacBook) always nervous the colors are off or some other issue which I don’t see #
  • 49 dives down, 2 dives left to go. Will end up with about 40hrs total bottom time (not sure how I messed up on math before) over the 2 weeks #
  • Finding it harder to bleed purple than usual over the past 24 hours. Not sure which news is causing it the most. Anywho, life goes on! #
  • I’m at Kralendijk, Antilles (Kralendijk, AN) – #
  • Not sure why Brightkite thinks Kralendijk is in “Antilles” instead of Bonaire NA, but the map shows the right spot. #
  • Debating on where I will post the short video clips I have made this trip and how much effort I will put into the post editing. Suggestions? #
  • @bonforte I’m not interested in the Fit, but I would possibly take the Smart off your hands. Interested? :P #
  • Fixing to head out for my last dive of my vacation. Part of me is sad, but it’ll also be nice to not have salt water funk again for a while #

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