Twitter Updates for 2008-06-10
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  • Almost forgot @tychay’s birthday. Would buy you a beer but you are about 3,760 miles away as the crow flies. Maybe sometime next week. #
  • Don’t want to VPN into work while on vacay, but wanted to read some ilist emails. Decided to ssh tunnel to mail server and use ‘less new/*’ #
  • Was it painful? Yes! But sometimes the simplest, yet yuckiest, solution is the right method to get the job done. #
  • With this next dive, I will have 30hrs total spent underwater in the past 2 weeks. By the end of my trip, I should be between 46-48hrs total #
  • Housing partially flooded again. Thankfully camera is ok with no water and silica packet absorbed it all. Not sure I want to risk it anymore #

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