Twitter Updates for 2008-06-09
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  • Here’s a collection of sets of my dive trip in Bonaire. It will get updated as I upload more photos to Flickr (and take em) #
  • @spooons … Pix or it ain’t real. Scratch that, even w/ one I’m still calling B/S you have an iPhone 2.0. Fedex delivery man theft my ass. #
  • Utterly amazed at the lame excuses people pull for “magically” having an iPhone2 before the launch day. Do u really think it makes you kewl? #
  • Being un-fanboi like. Ignoring WWDC and going scuba diving in Bonaire for the second week in a row. Logged 33 dives so far, heading to 50+. #
  • WWDC w/ 3G iPhone launch.. Tropical island with unlimited diving.. I do think I chose well, despite the mockery of my mac fanboi friends. #
  • When I was on London I used about 5MB of EDGE (aka $100). Just found out I could get 20MB/$25 as an Intl Data Pkg @ AT&T. That’s annoying! #
  • For a pale skinned Mac toting computer / photo geek from Silicon Valley, I sure have one heck of a tan forming. People won’t recognize me :) #
  • @awormus Was using Gmaps the couple times I needed a quick fix on my location. My email snuck in too once (forgot to turn autopoll back off) #
  • @awormus I typically use 300-500mb of EDGE a month though right now on my iPhone. I have friends >3gb, but they use Youtube a lot (I … #
  • I think I am the only one dreading the release of the 3G iPhone today. HSDPA network will _SUCK_ now on my laptop! Utube Pr0n fools! Grrr!! #
  • Seems the new iPhone supports UMTS, but not HSDPA/HSUPA? Really? Odd decision. Ok, I take back being worried about network turning teh suck! #
  • Guess I should have read the tech specs, they list HSDPA. :( :( So why are people only getting 200-300kbps on it? I get over 1mb on HSDPA. #

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