Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30
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  • Left my IM status as “strapping lead around my waist and going swimming with the fish” #
  • Just expanded my range from 280mm to 560mm for my trip. Friend loaned me a 400mm Canon L. Monster sized lens. #
  • Fixing to head north to Rodeo, CA in about 20 minutes. Traffic is almost lightened up from the looks of it online. #
  • Dropped off grandfather at SFO. Now heading to office to pickup something I forgot. 8 hours till departure for vacay!!! #
  • Im taking 35gb of memory cards between CF, XD, SD, and SM (way to many formats if you ask me). Dont think thats enough, but got laptop too. #
  • I’m at San Francisco International, USA (USA) – #
  • Sitting near my gate (32A) three hours before my flight boards. Rides from friends are sometimes take it or leave it on timing. #
  • Am I on 3G or on DSL? WTH! Output from scp _UPLOADING_ a zipfile of jpeg images: 100% 13MB 39.0KB/s 05:34 … WOW! Speechless. #
  • Finally twitter is back up. Been wanting to rant for 20 minutes now. So who else is annoyed by Gmail now requiring a captcha on login?!? #
  • Wish I had my camera out. Just saw a commuter prop plane pass along side a 747-400. Comical the size difference. #

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