Twitter Updates for 2008-05-29
Category: Twitter

  • Down to using one 24″ monitor instead of my usual two. I feel so horribly space constrained. Dunno how I make do on my laptops, this sucks. #
  • A wise man just told my my last tweet sounded rather whiny, and I admit it could be. But try cutting your monitor in half and tell me its ok #
  • Ouch! That’s gotta hurt Twitter. Apparently you have only had one month with even two 9’s of uptime. Here’s to hoping June is better! #
  • Starting to pack. Sadly, I have enough space for everything, but it’s going to be one hell of a juggling act keeping my bag weight under 50. #
  • I’m sure I forgot something. That was too quick. Weight is 145lbs between 2 checked bags, carry-on, and personal item (aka Crumpler) though. #
  • @omnivector my only beef is the crappy filtering rules, otherwise no complaints. Works well for my basic needs. #

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