Twitter Updates for 2008-05-27
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  • Frys had a big sale (33% off retail ~15% off online price) on HDs so now all 4 slots on my Drobo are full with 1TB 7200rpm 32mb cache drives #
  • Better deal than I thought. Apparently $179.99 for a Seagate ST310005N1A1AS-RK 1TB 7200pm 32mb cache 3gb/sec SATA is a fantastic price. #
  • Just added some new DVDs to DVDpedia. With my DVD player now 87% full, I really need to start thinking about wripping them to my Drobo. #
  • Dang. I had hoped to be in the office by 9am this morning. Gonna likely miss that by about an hour since I just woke up. Stupid Alarm. Crap! #
  • Taking a shower while sunburnt sucks. I know you just need to man up and take the pain, but sometimes you cant help yelping like a little .. #
  • Something like this is exactly what it would take to get me to buy a Mac Book Air. And in other news, WOOT! 2,000 Tweets! #
  • If you are one of those hundred people who went “Bonaire what? where?” when I said where I was going on vacation, look here #

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