Twitter Updates for 2008-05-26
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  • OH “let’s face it, this is not the worst thing you caught me doing.” #
  • I’m at Yahoo Incorporated (701 1st Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA) – #
  • Patiently waiting for India to start their work day. Leveraging the time difference + the fact they aren’t on vacation to my advantage. #
  • Making a mental note to make sure and figure out how I can put the fridge within reach of my chair when moving stuff to my new desk. #
  • A change is coming in the near future for me. Find out more information about it here: #
  • Example of what 16.5x optical zoom gets you as far as range goes. #
  • Anybody know what the name of this statue in London is and/or exactly where it is? #
  • One drawback to having tons of FreeBSD4 boxes, files over 2gb are problematic. Finally worked around it and now svnadmin is loading the file #
  • Just received a new spam like email. All the raw body has in it is “your life is crap”. Jee thanks “Ashley May” for the encouraging words. #
  • After 18 hours now, I think it’s time to leave the office (I did take a power nap on the couch though). Mail subversion migration done! #
  • Time to vacation: 4d 0h 40m 54s … Can you tell I am obsessing over going to Bonaire yet? 2 weeks of 4-5 tanks a day diving. :D :D #
  • Lazyweb: anybody know of a large (ideally Olympic size) public pool in South Bay? I want to do laps to try out my new fins. #
  • The SJSU Aquatic Center looks perfect and is $3/day, but sadly it’s closed 5/22-5/31.. :( Definitely will keep it in mind for the future tho #
  • Guess my only potential option is Campbell’s pool from 7-9pm tonight. The hours they are open are rather baffling, but oh well. #
  • Just ate a quick bite while waiting on my car to be washed and waxed. Beautiful weather outside today. #

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