Twitter Updates for 2008-05-25
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  • I am so proud of myself. I just canceled 24 domains which brought me owning under 100 domains for the first time in nearly a decade. #
  • Figured since I was on a roll, might as well kill off ones not expiring soon too (feels like a waste). I’m now down to 89 domains. Woot! #
  • Last time I cancelled this many domains in a day Godaddy called me to make sure someone hadn’t hacked my account. Wonder if they will again. #
  • Just sent emails to the Y! teams I have talked/interviewed with who I decided not to join. Was especially hard saying ‘no’ in two cases. :( #
  • /me stares in disbelief at his inbox. 15 emails in it. Impossibly low! I am sure there is something I misfiled or didn’t do, but oh well. #
  • Wonder how many tens of thousands of these crunches I will do before I even get the slightest bit of tone in my stomach muscles. ( #
  • Back to DiverDans this morning to exchange my spring straps. Apparently 12″ straps are one size too big, I think. Gonna get their opinion. #
  • Trying to convince myself its not worth a 50 mile RT just for tacos. La Cumbre Taqueria is just so freaking yummy. #
  • I’m at Westfield Oakridge Mall (925 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, USA) – #
  • Fixing to watch Iron Man. Curious if it will be as good as @thekarladam claims. #

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