Twitter Updates for 2008-05-24
Category: Twitter

  • Very long and tiring day at work. Almost done so I can go home. Been a positive day, though, so not really complaining much. #
  • php -r ‘$tl = mktime(14,22,0,5,30)-time(); echo “Time to vacation: “.floor($tl/3600).”h “.floor($tl%3600/60).”m “.floor($tl%3600%60).”s\n”;’ #
  • And when I say platform, I’m not talking about RoR, I’m specifically talking about your overall architecture design. #
  • Thinking about opening a separate twitter account for stuff I ‘track’. Wish tracks didn’t only go to IM/SMS. #
  • Heading to DiverDans to pick up some spring straps then going into the office for a while. Might also pick up lunch on the way. #

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