Twitter Updates for 2008-05-20
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  • Racing to Diver Dans to go to my EANx class. Interviews ran long so gonna skip dinner now. #
  • Yeahs!!! I aced my test. I’m now a certified EANx (otherwise known as nitrox) diver. Longer bottom for me. #
  • @jstanden I was one of those worried people. Glad to know your ok! ;) #
  • Not a single person contacted me and said they use Django. Does that mean no one following me does, or they didn’t see my post, or … ?? #
  • @thekarladam I think they just hate you, same as the DMV/Police. Either that, or they have just been much better to me for some reason. #
  • Custodial staff is on strike again in front of Yahoo! Avoiding the urge to go take and post photos. #
  • @andreiz I use a mixture of different stuff. Hosting companies I use, Godaddy, and then self run DNS servers. If you find a good service LMK #
  • Dunno why, but it really bothers me watching this guy (dunno who) using MSPaint in Parallels on a Mac to edit a screenshot. #

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