Twitter Updates for 2008-05-19
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  • OH: "think i’m a get pro on flickr. now if only my credit card would come to me from the table over there. can’t use teh force. is borked" #
  • Arborio rice + butternut squash + soy milk + water + shrimp + spices = one delicious dinner for me tonight. #
  • Trying to determine why RoR is all the rage and not Django. Been reviewing it this evening and find it to be better, as far as frameworks go #
  • Not only does Django feel cleaner and more eloquent to me, from the perf #s I’ve seen, it’s like 2 orders of magnitude faster on same HW. #
  • Welp, I think its official. That hard drive is dead. Tried every trick in the book and still nothing. Thankfully its mostly ok its gone. #
  • Had backups of the irreplaceable stuff (photos) and the screencasts I had needed to be recorded anyway. Still grr.. #
  • Err.. Re-recorded that is. Time for bed apparently. :) #
  • Just spent a fair chunk of money, but all for good reasons. Paid off all my CCs and paid for Bonaire diving trip. #
  • In not even two full weeks I will be enjoying the sun and blowing a stream of bubbles underwater in Bonaire. Woot!! #
  • Log into Paypal and notice that ThePlanet tried to charge my debit card despite me not being a customer of theirs for over a year. Hmm. #
  • @janelicious Yep, even tried that. Interestingly not had very much success historically with that method despite some friends swearing by it #
  • @thekarladam This is slightly different. That slimey company always tries to bill me improperly, so this was no big surprise. #
  • @thekarladam Also for the most part I’ve had very good luck with BoA (when you compare it to other banks I’ve used). Whats you beef with em? #
  • Man I hate dropping proper punctuation/spellin just to fit into 140 characters or less. Its most a problem with replies so guess its fitting #
  • I’m at Yahoo Incorporated (701 1st Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA) – #
  • @andreiz wouldn’t it be easier to just go home and get your own? Its not like you still live in south bay or something. #
  • Apple: If AB/ work just fine with LDAP, why can’t iCal also use it for meeting invites? Real PITA having to have everyone in my AB. #
  • Twitterverse: Do you use Django? If so and don’t mind chatting about it, IM/DM/@ reply me. I’m interested in building up friends who use it. #
  • Interesting fortune cookie today “Your lucky number for this week is the number three.” Also, a 3 was in the list of numbers on the back too #

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