Twitter Updates for 2008-05-16
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  • @ the search monkey launch party. Got asked to be the official photographer for the event. #
  • Photos from the SearchMonkey Kickoff Event today… #
  • Not only did a black cat cross in front of me, I dang near accidentally ran over it. This can’t be good for one’s luck. #
  • @rckenned Agreed! @koblas was my hiring manager at Yahoo!. Part of me still wishes he was my mngr. AB team rocked back in those days. #
  • @misskaren so does this mean you and @ijustine will be tying the knot then? #
  • Feeling surprisingly good this morning despite how late I worked. Minor pain in my head, though, so hope it doesnt turn into a full headache #
  • @penland yes, we can definitely work something out. Can you please contact me via FlickrMail or if you work for Y! look me up on backyard? #
  • Construction team sure is especially loud today. Wish they would go back to doing cube moves on the weekend instead of on Fridays. #

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