Twitter Updates for 2008-05-14
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  • Jammin to RHCP on my way home. #
  • Apparently “FINAL” has a variable meaning. I’ve received 31 (yes, I counted) FINAL notices to renew my car warranty which expires in 2yrs. #
  • You know that level of stuffed one usually is after Thanksgiving dinner? I feel that way right now after a Togos 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 salad. :( #
  • Useful knowledge: EAD = (((1 – FO2) * (D + 33)) / .79) – 33 #
  • For those of you who have taken it before, I am obviously studying for my EANx certification right now. Finally. #
  • Ahhh buggers! Spent to long reading/studying tonight and now I don’t have time to Meet Kevin Johnson (aka Lost S4E8) as I need to go to bed. #
  • Tonight would be a great Xanax night. My brain literally won’t shut off and I have spent the last hour staring at the ceiling. #
  • Nothing worse than being tired mentally and physically but not being able to sleep as you have to much on your mind bothering u #
  • @flawedartist me me me! #
  • Canon pros, what is the best bang for the buck right now to upgrade from a 5D? Curious on all opinions, but please support your view. #

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