Twitter Updates for 2008-05-12
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  • OH: "You just scooby dooed me didn’t you?" #
  • @evilcindy Gotta be an "inside job" then. Which of your friends (if any) have you pissed off recently? #
  • Fun filled afternoon of meetings and interviews… #
  • Latest upload to Flickr. Can’t edit the description, can’t change privacy, can’t delete it, can’t even view it’s photo page directly. #
  • Trying to be nice here, but wouldn’t it be better to disable uploads entirely Flickr rather than let people get stuck in a limbo state? #
  • @Arlo preach on brutha! Preach on! I would totally buy one in a second. Especially a GM EV1 from back in _1995_! #
  • @thekarladam ROFLMMFAO… Except its not "floor" like normal but rather "floorboard". While driving. :( #
  • Anybody else find it creepy getting facebook friend requests from guys you don’t know and the only friend you have in common is @iJustine? #

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