Twitter Updates for 2008-05-11
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  • Jamming to a new band, Bag of Toys, I learned about via a Y! corp event a week ago. Making good progress on cleaning, via pile sort method. #
  • You know you own to many Apple products when you literally try 4 different Apple remotes and none of them are the one paired to the AppleTV. #
  • Man I am thankful that iTunes can use my AppleTV has external speakers because I can’t seem to find the right remote to it anywhere… :( #
  • Every photo I take in my apt, without fixing the white balance, has a tungsten yellow tinge, yet I have no incandescent lights anywhere. #
  • Trying to find decent airfare going to Cochin, India. Proving rather difficult on United. Current cheapest is $6500 for couch seats! Ick! #
  • Going to check Trivandrum, India now. Maybe it will be cheaper somehow. #
  • @rckenned Just saw if I dump United for the whole trip, I can get down to $1800 with United to Europe then Gulf Air/Jet for the rest of trip #
  • It seems I can fly into Mumbai on United (for 20k miles) and then take a local airline to Cochin all for under $2100. Labor Day 2008.. hmm.. #
  • I’m at 1907 Magdalena Cir, Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA – #
  • @ryannielsen What size/brand and how much? #

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