Twitter Updates for 2008-05-10
Category: Twitter

  • Anybody got a clue what the hell this is? #
  • At Budha Lounge in Mnt View in one of the booths. #
  • Babysitting two good friends making sure they are safe in their intoxicated state (one much more than the other). It’s what good friends do! #
  • Man I feel good today. Guess sleeping for 10 hours was a good idea, because I sure feel energized now. Going to put that to good use I think #
  • Probably going to spend the afternoon cleaning. Not just moving stuff into a different spot, but real deep cleaning of my apartment. #
  • Filling trash bags with clothes that don’t fit and I don’t want to ever fit again. Anybody want a bunch of XL/XXL shirts or 36-42" pants? #

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