Twitter Updates for 2008-05-04
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  • waiting by the tower of London to go on a ‘Jack the Ripper’ walking tour. #
  • I’m falling in love with London public transit. Havent found anywhere I want to go in London I can’t get to via the tube. #
  • Sad that this is my last night in London. I’ve grown quite fond of this city (especially it’s public transit) and don’t want to leave. #
  • One thing I am looking forward to back in the states though, decent Internet access! Never thought I would say I miss having EDGE before. #
  • Wifi access has been spotty at best, and when I did have it, slow as molasses (like right now). Boy will it be awesome having HS + LL again. #
  • For all my complaining though, it has been rather liberating and enjoyable being disconnected. I should try this more often. Hmmm… #
  • I think when I go to Bonaire for two weeks at the end of the month I might go cold turkey from the Internet. Could be a life changing trip. #

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