Twitter Updates for 2008-04-30
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  • United just offered to upgrade the outbound flight of my trip to business class for more than I paid for the original ticket. How nice! #
  • @StephAgresta You should just move to the west coast permanent. Problem solved. All the fun happens out here anyway! #
  • By by twitter SMS. Cya next week! Not worth ~$33 a day to keep in touch with ya, as enjoyable as you can be sometimes. #
  • @tychay You see this? What’s your opinions on it for a cheap camera? #
  • Just realized E’s are expensive today. Been forgetting to type them on several things I sent via my iphone this morning (eg: bye, not by). #
  • Decided to go to the airport really early to be safe since I am taking Caltrain. Waiting on the 10:20 train now. #

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