Twitter Updates for 2008-04-29
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  • XM81 has a totally wicked remix of one of my favorite songs of all time playing right now. #
  • Depressed now because I know its virtually impossible to find a legal copy of most of the remixes the play on XM81. #
  • Scratchy sore throat and mouth + toasted 6" subway sub and sunchips = pain. Severe almost gut wrenching pain. #
  • I would say my tonsels are swollen and inflamed, except I don’t have any (removed as a kid), so I dunno whats causing it. #
  • Just wrote a flash slideshow which rotates through photos in a Flickr group pool and auto picks up new additions without refreshing the page #
  • Way way way past my bedtime (considering how sick I am), but made a promise I would do it and I am too much a perfectionist it seems. #
  • @tychay same with 4.5 for me. They blamed my video card and said to upgrade drivers. I’m on a Mac, say huh? #
  • Yeahz! Happy day! My Crumpler arrived before my trip! Now to scurry off to the office to go pick it up. #
  • Errr…. maybe I should take a shower and get ready first. damn cold medications don’t have me thinking straight it seems. damn you dayquil! #
  • The bag may have the dumbest name ever (Whickey and Cox), but man do I love this Crumpler bag. Totally worth the extreme price it cost. #
  • I <3 this photo…. #

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